Deployment error: type of application changed

Today I got an error in deploying with rsconnect to the bookdown server. It says Error: HTTP 403:

You cannot change the type of application once deployed. Try deploying this as a new application instead of updating an existing one.

What does it mean that I have changed the type of application? I am working with the same files but from a new MacBook Pro. Could this be the reason? Or could it be related to changes in my GitHub repository?

What should I do? How do I force to deploy a new application?

Some of the application types on Connect are:

  • Shiny apps
  • R Markdown
  • Parameterized markdown
  • Plumber
  • Pins
  • etc.

The only times I've seen encountered this problem is when I deployed an R Markdown, and THEN changed the same Markdown to be parameterized. Since a Parameterized Markdown is a different content type I had to deploy to a different endpoint.

It's not entirely clear from your post, but it seems you might be using Git backed deployment?

If you are using Git backed deployment, you should probably start a fresh deployment using the "Publish" button in the Connect GUI:


If, instead, you are not using git backed deployment, but the push-button deployment (or using the rsconnect interface) then you can force a new deployment by changing the document name.

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Thank you, changing the document name helped!

(As far as I know, I did not change the application type. So I still wonder why this error happened.)

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