Deploying single-page application (React.js) with routing

I want to say that I am familiar with this thread that discusses something similar. My question has one nuance that I don't believe is resolved there.

I have a static site deployed to RStudio Connect from Git that runs a React app totally fine, with the exception of "routing". The manifest used to deploy from Git has appmode set to static, primary_html set to a single index.html, and content_category set to site.

The React routing library used generally doesn't reload the page on navigation, and so the app works totally fine until you refresh on a route that is not just the Content URL, in which case you get a 404. My React routing library thankfully makes it easy to prepend all links with the RS Connect Content URL for the app (e.g., what would normally be, can easily be changed to, so the URL is formatted the way I would expect but I still get the 404, and I suspect this is a (very reasonable) limitation on deploying static sites.

Context out of the way, I have two questions:

  1. is the behavior I observed normal (404 instead of serving index.html at some route that does not match static content)?
  2. If 1. is normal is there a way native to RS Connect to have it always serve index.html at any route that starts with /contenturl except when the path resolves to some static content?


Homepage is at

I want to see some performance statistics, so I click a link and go to
  This page renders fine, since its a single-page app and JS routing does not refresh and handles this

I bookmark this page because I go to it often.

The next day, I come back and click my bookmark and get a 404.

I believe I could just serve these files from FastAPI with a custom route to achieve what I described above, but for the sake of separation I figured it would be nice to take advantage of the static serving options offered by RS Connect.

Thanks in advance for any help.