Deploying R shiny application

Hi all,

I know R shiny application can be deployed on RStudio connect and . But wanted to check if there is way to deploy it on other ways. Like can we deploy it internally with some other servers? Please advise

Yes, you can install Shiny server in your own server and deploy your apps there.


But is there any other way, other than deploying using RStudio services.

Shiny is an RStudio product so, it would be almost impossible to deploy Shiny apps without using any RStudio tool but in theory you could take the web app generated by Shiny and deploye it on any web server like nginx, apache, etc. as long as you can manage to provide the R back-end functionality by other means, which will require an amount of effort and coding skills that will ultimately defeat the purpose of using Shiny in the first place.

Thanks. May I know what is the cost of Shiny server??

You can use the open source version for free, and you can even scale the deployment using tools like shinyproxy, about the cost of Shiny server pro, you should contact an RStudio sales representative.

I see. But as far as I know, we cannot integrate SSO in free version right? I mean giving access to specific users with login and password

It is not integrated into the open source version itself but you can implement the functionality by other means, there are many solutions for this, you just have to Google around a little bit.


If you have servers available behind your SSO, you can use the rocker docker files to host shiny server on your network using Docker containers. Because our servers are behind SSO, I don't have to worry about having users log in, but with that said, all employees have access to my shiny app.

FYI, those containers are built on u be on ubuntu.



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