Deploying plumber API with plumberDeploy()

Please I am still having issues deploying my api. It actually works on swagger and the result comes out fine but when I test it on postman it doesnt work. It shows a 500 internal server error. Since it cant work on postman, it definetely doesn't work when i integrate it with my application. Please I really need some help

Try turning on debug to see more information about your error.

my_pr %>% pr_set_debug(TRUE) %>% pr_run(port = 8000)

Alright. Thanks I really appreciate

Try setting No auth in Postman authorization tab.

Okay it works now. There was something I made a mistake with in the body.

Thank you. So how do I write the fetch api with respect to these changes we have made?

If what you mean by "fetch" API is how to I write code to query my plumber API, it really depends on the language your are calling from. You already have a curl example from Swagger UI.

Hey bro, so I have tried to integrate the API with my React JS but I cant see the data. Here's the code:

The body contains the file and the query parameter is also there but on console logging I cant seem to see the data. Please help me out

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