Deploying github repo to a pkgdown website

I have problems to deploying my github repo to a pkgdown website.


when I go to: crbiodiversity

has only the title.

i have main and gh-pages branches. Is this setting correct?

build_site() does not deploy your site, but there are other functions that do, e.g. look at pkgdown::deploy_site_github().

People usually deploy pkgdown sites from GitHub Actions, see e.g. actions/examples/pkgdown.yaml at v2 · r-lib/actions · GitHub for an example workflow that deploys to GitHub Pages.

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Thank you Gabor.

I couldn't run deploy_site_github(), but I tried deploy_to_branch() and I got this error:

README.Rmd and should be both staged
use 'git commit --no-verify' to override this check

I tried git commit--no--verify but it didn't work.

That seems to come from a pre-commit hook that you set up via usethis? Maybe remove it, IDK if it plays well with pkgdown deployments.

Thank you Gabor.

I did this:




and it works.

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