Deploying Git backed content Shiny app dependent on Gitlab package failing

I have a Shiny app that I am trying to deploy to RStudio Connect using the Publish Git-backed Content feature. The Shiny App depends on an R package that I am hosting in a private Gitlab instance. In fact the app is part of the package. I have installed the package using devtools::install_gitlab() without problems and also created a manifest file using rsconnect. However, when I try to deploy I get the following error in RStudio Connect:

Performing manifest.json to packrat transformation.
Cannot create packrat data from manifest.json: Cannot transform manifest into packrat.lock: package DERTtools does not define Repository

Hello @rjss! Thanks for reporting this issue! Do you mind sharing what version of the devtools package, the remotes package, the rsconnect package and RStudio Connect itself that you are using? We have historically had some issues with installing things from gitlab, and I just want to be sure your versions are up to date!

Thanks @cole This issue was fixed in RStudio Connect 2022.03.0. I have not been able to try it yet because my company has not upgraded yet but I will assume it will work once updated. Thanks.

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