Deploying content to Posit Connect using packages from internal Github repositories


I am trying to deploy a Shiny application to Posit Connect (version 2022.10.0). The app is git backed and has a custom package myLib which is in an internal repo in my organization's GitHub. I have followed this article (Posit Connect Documentation Version 2024.04.0 - R Package Management) but am not successfull in deploying the app unless the package repo is set as public in GitHub.
Once I deploy at least one app that uses myLib while setting the repo as public, I am able to deploy other apps calling myLib. If a new version of myLib is pushed to GitHub while the myLib repo is != public, the app re/deployment fails. If I change mylib to public then the app deploys and every subsequent deployment that uses myLib works till there is a new version (in which case the repo needs to be set to public)

What am I doing wrong here?

Support for restoring private packages was added in 2022.11.

See the setting R.RestoreUsesGitCredential after you upgrade.

@edavidaja Thanks, that makes sense. Will look to upgrade to 2022.11.

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