Deploying content to Connect throws 409 Conflict

I was trying to do this example. The article assumes that I have existing app in rsconnect.

With a manifest.json file generated, I've uploaded the example shiny app to rsconnect via Git, and it works, grab the GUID and generate a API Key to use it for the example as instructed.

I spin up my Jenkins and follow the instructions in the example, but when I manually/automatically run the job, it is giving me the error:

The requested URL returned error: 409 Conflict

Thanks in advance.

Interesting!! Thanks for sharing that! Any chance you could be a bit more specific around which API call is giving the 409 conflict? It would be helpful to see the request you are making and the content of your request (if possible)!

It looks like 409s are most common with PUT requests? Are you doing a PUT to a certain endpoint?

I traced the code by putting echo for each step in the It looks like in API call that is having an issue is the UPLOAD api.

Are you talking about this

Do you mind sharing the code you are using that is giving this response? If you can copy / paste the whole workflow you are doing, along with the error message, that would be helpful so we have a bit more context around what might be going on and how to help. It's a bit difficult for us to reproduce your issue if we don't have context / clues about what path you're on.

Thanks for trying programmatic deployment!!

Ok I chatted with our engineers, and it looks like this path can happen if you are re-using the name of the content (i.e. you already have a content item with that name deployed), or if that content is git-backed, and you are trying to deploy a non-git-backed content item to that endpoint.

It sounds like if you change the name you are using, you may get better results.

Possible responses and their reasons are recorded here:

If you can share the full HTTP/JSON response to that 409 conflict, then it will likely include some of this more clarifying information about what is going wrong! Let us know if you give that a shot!

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