Deploying content to Connect from Git throws a packrat error

While doing the evaluation, I decided to try out some of the API example and then decided to deploy to RStudio Connect. I've generated a manifest.json file and use "New Content from GIT Repository" from the RStudio Connect.

All is well then when its done, viewed the API content and the giving this error:

The error is:

Error in value[[3L]](cond) : argument is not interpretable as logical

That's a cryptic error! Interesting. Is it possible to share a bit more about the content you are deploying? Perhaps the manifest.json file and the rstudio-connect.gcfg file, so we can see what package dependencies look like? Also, what version of RStudio Connect do you have installed? Do you have other content deployed and functional on the server?

It looks like this is the line that is failing: r-source/src/library/base/R/conditions.R at 0cc08d5abb529dd2c4adf67b72c1049d69734196 · wch/r-source · GitHub

So some tryCatch in packrat is probably failing:✓&q=tryCatch&type=

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You can get the `manifest.json' here.

For the rstudio-connect.gcfg, I didn't change anything on it, so it is default.

RStudio Connect version is 1.7.

I only have 1 Shiny App in my content, uploaded via the 'Git from GIT Repository' button.

Thanks for sharing that! By looking at your code, it looks like the custom entrypoint script with $run in it is likely your problem.

In conflict w/ what I was thinking above, this error is thrown by tryCatch, but by plumber and not by packrat. This error is happening after plumber has started listening, but before you get the swagger interface in your browser.

We are attempting to improve our documentation around the entrypoint.R script for plumber, but you should be returning an object, not calling $run. Can you either modify or remove your entrypoint.R script, redeploy, and see if that resolves? This issue is discussed more here: