Deploying apps using files stored in a different folder

Hello all,

I am trying to set up a website which use 3 small shiny apps.
I ran the apps locally and they all work fine. But when I try to deploy them separately on, it doesn't seem to work.
I managed to make it work when I put each app in different folders (with the used files and the dataset). However those three apps use the same dataset so this solution actually means having the dataset stored in 3 different files which isn't ideal.
Would there be a solution where all the shiny apps can be deployed and the dataset is stored in 1 folder used by the 3 apps ?

Thanks for the help,

From the docs:

Each application deployed to creates storage in its own private file system when the application starts to run. The application only has access to the data that was uploaded with the application at the time of deployment. This means that any files that you read from disk must be included in the application directory or within a subdirectory, and must be referenced with relative paths rather than absolute paths.