Deploying API and using protobuf to communicate with non-R services

I'm trying to optimize the deployment of an R service in my company. Other services are PHP and the other teams' engineers want to move from JSON to Protocol Buffers for communication between services. They already have a .proto Descriptor file we should use, but it's unclear to me how such a thing would be implemented in either Plumber or OpenCPU. We prefer the later, because of how it handles concurrency, but it seems it uses protolite for (un)serializing data to and from protobuf using an R-specific proto descriptor. I have read the RProtobuf paper and vignettes, and can't figure out what would be the best way to implement this. If anyone has done this in OpenCPU or Plumber, could you share your story?

I was able to get something working, though still a bit hacky:

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