Deploy xaringan slides to GitHub Pages

I am trying to deploy a presentation using xaringan slides to GitHub pages.

Here's what I've done:

  1. Create a GitHub repository, render the presentation to HTML, and push all of the files to the repository
  2. Create a branch entitled gh-pages
  3. Rename the html file from the name of the Rmd file (but ending in .html) to index.html
  4. Turn on GitHub Pages and set it to the gh-pages branch

But, only the title of the presentation appears on the public site here.

The repository is here

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I can see all 23 slides via that link, so I'm not sure what problem you see.

This link only shows the, which only contains the text:

Maybe this is not what you intend?


Can confirm that I'm able to see all 23 slides.

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Thank you @martin.R and @rywhale. It seems like it just took a little while to load? When I checked after ~5 minutes the slides didn't load. Thanks for checking (and confirming).