Deploy web apps in Shiny Server


I am unable to find some instructions on how to deploy a web app to rstudio-server.
My version is 1.3.1093 (Apricot Nasturtium) for Ubuntu Bionic.
Could you kindly help me out?


Just to clarify, you have shiny-server installed in your own server right? If that is the case y, then you just need to copy your apps folder into this path /srv/shiny-server/, assuming you have shiny-server correctly configured, that would be all.

You are completely right. I had created the confusion on my own.

RStudio Server is different from Shiny Server.
I had deployed the RStudio Server and was thinking that it was the same with Shiny Server... my bad.

For anyone dealing with same issue..

  • If you want to deploy R apps as web apps then you need Shiny Server
  1. Follow steps here to deploy Download Shiny Server - RStudio
  • If you want a web R IDE then you need RStudio Server
  1. Follow steps here to deploy Download RStudio Server - RStudio

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