Deploy simple PLUMBER pkg R code to RstudioConnect?

Love Rstudio and the PLUMBER pkg!.

Followed the very simple
and super-easy API example here:

Works fine,
pointing my browser to my localhost server...

But when I tried to deploy from my Rstudio,
the example's R file to Rstudio Connect
(would be my favorite deployment server ),
I hit a financial wall - for me, at least....

I simply can not afford it!...

Is there a way
that a modest, free area
could be opened in Rstudio Connect,
for small and simple PLUMBER-generated API files?.

many of these new, free accounts
in Rstudio Connect,
may turn into PAID accts...

Hadley, someone at Rstudio - pls help!.

Ubuntu Linux 14.04 32-bit
latest Rstudio and R

That README has a section on hosting, which lays out some options. You're probably going to have to pay a little bit if you want somebody to host your web service, though, as hosting costs money.

Thanks for the reply, alistaire!.

Yes, I saw it but it seems
that Rstudio Connection
is the most convenient and easy deployment solution
for current Rstudio users.

I was hoping that Rstudio
could open a no-charge _small server area
_ in Rstudio Connection
to just upload modest prototype, test R-scripts,
(generated by PLUMBER).

The objective is to allow
remote potential clients (non-R users...)
to interact with PLUMBER R-scripts
from their browsers...

That in turn,
may later generate full accts.
in Rstudio Connection, for bigger projects.

It would be part of the PLUMBER
faster develop, test and deploy cycle...

I'm trying...

Hi @Sfdude,

I'm not sure the #tidyverse category is the best one for this thread. I say this as an RStudio person who knows lots about the tidyverse, but not all that much about RStudio Connect (I assume that's what you're referring to re. RStudio Connection).

I'm gonna move this Q to uncategorized for now (@EconomiCurtis, @trestletech, you might have a better sense of where it fits) so that it has a better chance of getting the right eyes on it (categories fall into the realm of help me help you, IMHO).




Hi @Sfdude, I'm so glad you're using plumber! You should be able to try out RStudio Connect for 45 days using an evaluation license, is that not enough time?

Hi @Sfdude.

You can see all of the hosting options for Plumber spelled out here: . None of them will be free, unfortunately, but the DigitalOcean plans start at a few bucks a month.

We do have a demo server for RStudio Connect at But beware that we have no SLA on that service and we don't permit apps that introduce a substantial load on the server (either in terms of disk storage or computationally). You're welcome to try out that server to see what deploying your API to tinker around with it, but -- as the warning shows -- please don't treat that Beta server as a production environment for your app.

Also be aware that we do have steep discounts for small/medium businesses and academics.


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We have every intention of providing support for plumber APIs in a hosted model where some reasonable amount of usage is free.
We hear you loud and clear


Thanks, Mara.

Yes, I wasn't sure
about the best category to post this.

The post is kind of a special subject matter...
very important and beneficial (I think),
to many Rstudio users...

Hi Edgar,

The page with the eval D/L 45 days,
shows an image of a red arrow pointing up.

But there is no visible button or link to click
for the D/L to start...

Using FF and Palemoon browsers,
Linux 14.04 LTS 32-bits.
Latest Rstudio and R.

Hi Jeff,

Thank you so much
for your very practical suggestions.

I am not in the SMB business cat. (yet).

Will try the demo server sol,
understanding and accepting all your caveats, of course.

This will be for tiny PLUMBER API demos,
trying to gather the attention
of remote potential clients...

This is for totally minimal PLUMBER
interactive (post) scripts.

Thank for your support Jeff!!
Really appreciated...
SFdude (PLUMBER is great!)


thank you so much
for the very good news!.

Yes! Hope it happens soon.

It would be very beneficial
to many Rstudio users
needing a small corner of Rstudio Connect,
to display small PLUMBER web prototypes,
for remote (potential) clients.

It makes perfect sense
to stay in the Rstudio / Rstudio Connect environment...


Ok, in this page:, after you enter your information, the Download button should take you to a page that has the URLs of where you can download RStudio Connect. Depending on the version of Linux you plan to use for the RStudio Connect server, you select the appropriate URL and use that to download the software.

Sure, it's just not tidyverse-specific.

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