Deploy shinyapp "An error has occurred The application failed to start (exited with code 1)."

Dear All

I got a message (subject) when I deployed the shiny app. I tried to update pandoc, re-install pandoc, rename the document, delete the document, etc, ...but nothing

RStudio (Windows-Desk) Version 1.2.1335
Rmarkdown v 1.12

Please find attached the screenshot for more details.

Deploy Console Logs...
Preparing to deploy application...DONE
Uploading bundle for application: 910260...DONE
Deploying bundle: 2076246 for application: 910260 ...
Waiting for task: 612514243
building: Parsing manifest
building: Building image: 2188025
building: Installing system dependencies
building: Fetching packages
building: Installing packages
building: Installing files
building: Pushing image: 2188025
deploying: Starting instances
rollforward: Activating new instances
success: Stopping old instances

Could you please help?
Thank you for your reply in advance

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SOLVED! I left on the document ...library(shiny) in the header. I deleted it and it is working now.


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