Deploy shiny app with /R and /data Folders

I am trying to deploy a shiny app that uses a /data folder for .rds files and a /R folder for app.R as per Chapter 20 of Mastering Shiny.

However , RStudio does not seem to permit this. I can only publish from the /R directory and it does not allow me to deploy the /data folder.

If I move the .rds inside the /R folder and change the code to read from the /R folder it works fine.

Is it because this is a free account or Is there something I am missing? I would like to deploy an app with a file structure such as the following and use relative paths to allow app.R to find the ../data/my_data.rds
my_app_folder /
/ R/app.R


Might it be that you aren't creating it as a package, so the advice in chapter 20 isn't directly relevant ?

Thanks for the response. That could be it.

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