Deploy shiny app to from environment without all app dependencies

Hello! Thanks for any help you can offer. I am trying to deploy a shiny application to shinyappsio from databricks so that I may update the data in the shiny app automatically. To do this I'm using the rsconnect::deployApp() function. However, when I deploy using my cluster in databricks, does not include all the required package dependencies for the shiny app to run. I've tried a few strategies to set up the right environment:

  1. Installing all dependent packages on my cluster (databricks does not support raster GIS analysis currently so this does not work).
  2. Creating a docker image with the required dependencies to run on the databricks cluster (docker images require an older databricks cluster runtime that is not compatible with other parts of my code)
  3. Defining a DESCRIPTION file for shinyappsio to create the required environment (it still uses renv for some reason)

Let me know if I can provide any more information to help. Hoping for any ideas I can try in addition to what has already been attempted.