Depend on a subset of input reactive object without know input$ids ahead of time

Is there a recommend way to isolate parts of an input object within a Shiny module? I have some modules that can't know beforehand what input ids will be there so I do something like the below which is a bit hacky but seems to work

    # input_ids are the reactive ids, 
    # dots are list(...) of other non-reactive vars, input is shiny input
    copy_input_ids <- function(input_ids, input, dots){
      new <- lapply(input_ids, function(x){dots[[x]] <- input[[x]]})
      modifyList(dots, setNames(new, input_ids))

The problem is that means any input change is a dependency to the reactives afterwards, so it recalculates all reactive functions each time any input button is pushed. Is there a way to take only a subset of the input$elements and not depend on the others?

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