Deleted blog post still showing up on blogdown website (in index.html)

I deleted a blog post on my website that was entitled: "How to do multi-level (or mixed effects) modeling using R (and the lme4 R package)"

Here is the website:

My understanding is that all of the posts in this blog directory are rendered into posts on the site.

I've restarted R Studio, used blogdown::serve_site() (and blogdown::build_site()) multiple times, but to no avail. How can I delete this post?

Have you cleared the cache and manually deleted any html rendered?

From looking through your GitHub repo, it also seems like the posts are in a few different places:


The site architecture varies pretty widely from theme to theme, so that would also be helpful info/a possible guide to look to.

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Ugh, thanks. It looks like three out of the four were either templates or otherwise not used - content/blog is the only one that is: I deleted the other three and re-built the site and it loads correctly. But, that darned, extra post, which isn't in that one directory that I kept, still renders. I did look for any rendered HTML files (in that directory - and with the words contained in the title of the post, in case they were hiding anywhere else), but the darned file persists. How can I clear my cache?

Well, it's a little hacky, but I found it in the index.html file, and deleted it there - as well as the directory in the directory with the rendered files that remained there - and that seemed to do the trick. Thanks for suggesting I simplify things by finding which directories contained posts: That helped me to try to understand the structure of the site a bit better and got me heading in the right direction. Thanks again!

Sure thing. Glad you got it sorted!

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