Delete RStudio History

I need to delete the RStudio history so it won't open more than 20 old windows when it starts up. I have tried many different settings, such as enabling Restore most recently opened project at startup and Restore previously open source document at startup. None worked.

I am using RStudio Version 1.3.1093 on Fedora 33 operating system. RStudio seems to get worse in recent years. If I could not solve this problem, I will have to try the VS Code.

do you mean disabling ?

I tried this solution but it did not work anymore

you have them all unticked,
and yet Rstudio starts with old projects and source code when you open it ?

After unchecking all these options, I still have multiple old windows opening up when starting RStudio.

I do not use the R project file but only work on R scripts.

what sort of old windows ? specifically code edit windows ?

Old R and C++ scripts and old data.frames.

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