Delay between progress bar Stop and table displaying

Hi all,

First of all sorry, I am unable to put entire reprex, but i will try to explain exactly what is happening.
Below is the sample of it. So Basically, I have put progress bar until table1 and table2 are displayed in tab1. It is perfectly fine.

There is also updateSelectizeInput that is happening in tab2. So the issue is, since it is happening on other tab, once the progress bar stops, the tables (table1 and table2 are not displayed, instead there is a lag for 5 seconds and then the tables are displayed). I believe the lag is because of updateselectizeInput because, when I commented it, there is no lag at all and it is perfectly fine.

The overview is Update is happening in other tab and it is taking time of 5 seconds (Equal to lag time). Please can anyone guide me

 observeEvent(input$button, {
            show_modal_spinner(spin = "half-circle")

                output$table1 <- DT::renderDT(DT::datatable(........))
                output$table2<- DT::renderDT(DT::datatable(.....))
                updateSelectizeInput(session = session, .......)) ## happening on someother tab

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