Default working directory and output options when launching jobs in project


I was wondering if there are any news on the issue of jobs launching with their own path as default working directory.

As the OP in that thread says, Jobs is a very good tool, however, the lack of customisable (or IMHO sensible defaults) takes away some of its usefulness.

Beyond the working directory issue, if you've got an entire script that reads and writes from disk, you can run it from terminal; but that is the default behaviour for jobs, isn't that an unnecessary overlap? What Jobs is most useful for is running, e.g. a moderately expensive task or a short web query defined in a couple of lines of a larger script, then you can spend those 2-5 minutes toying around with other parts of that script in the console... there's only so many cups of tea you can go make. For that, a job that reads and writes objects from the global environment with the project working path would be ideal.

I may well be missing some common use cases and perhaps I can change my own workflow, but I'd love to hear what others do for this task.



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