Default domain for RStudio connect is incorrect so links in markdown 404


When I receive the default emails in RStudio Connect for a scheduled RMarkdown, the default email includes links to the content in connect. These links have the wrong domain name so the links go to 404s. I know you can use some of the custom settings in the markdown to change the email content and links but I'd like to use the default email so I don't have to customize anything. Is there somewhere this domain is globally set or somewhere I can globally set it?

I've read this but I''d prefer not to have to customize and re-deploy our 40+ RMarkdown files:

Sample Screen shot of schedule:

Sample default email where it shows "" but should be

Any thoughts on where this gets set or how I can set it globally? Thanks!


Fantastic question! These links are generated from the Server.Address field in your configuration file (/etc/rstudio-connect/rstudio-connect.gcfg). Can you confirm if that value is set properly, or if it needs to be corrected? I suspect that is the source of your problem here - you definitely want to fix there rather than fix each piece of content directly, because this Server.Address field is utilized elsewhere in the product as well.


Ahhh thanks @cole I see it now!! I should be able to resolve fairly quickly. Appreciate the help!!

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