Decompressing h5 from tar.gz

I am trying to unzip an h5 file from tar.gz. Unfortunately I am not very experienced with tar.gz files. I have installed the R.util package
I have tried accessing it via

bigdatafille <-"http://fromwebsite"  #not a real website
download.file(bigdatafile ,destfile="tmp.h5.tar.gz") #downloads h5 file from website

I have also tried

download.file(bigdatafile ,destfile="tmp.h5.tar.gz") #downloads h5 file from website
gunzip("tmp.h5.tar.gz", remove=FALSE)  ## check contents

But I keep getting warnings that it requires a password, I have run into this problem before when I did not had not downloaded things correctly. If anyone could give me guidance that would be great.

If you need a password then... You need the password.

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