Debugging Quarto render for website?

I am curious in how you track down errors when rendering a website.
Example: say that I mess the YAML on one of the pages, for example writing

  title: "My little title"
format: html

where the blank space before title is an error.

When I do quarto render in the CLI or push the Render button in RStudio to render the whole website, I only get the error:

ERROR: YAMLError: end of the stream or a document separator is expected at line 3, column 1:
format: html

No indication of which file the error is coming from. I have Googled on ways to make the render command more verbose, but I have been unable to find anything.


If I were doing this, I'd run the pages with YAML through a shell command line checker. There are tons.

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Quarto project offers some YAML intelligence in IDE just to avoid this kind of problem in YAML I believe. It offers auto completion too

Is this picking this issue up ?

you could open an feature request to improve the error message for this YAML detection by the way. I agree we should do better.

Thanks, that is a good suggestion. Will try!

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