Debugging - can I use View on a table in a parent environment (further up the call stack)

When using the RStudio Debugger, I often find I have errors occurring within e.g. dplyr mutate operations.

I can "catch" those errors quite easily - using e.g. the Debug -> On Error -> Break In Code menu option

I can also use the Traceback window to select the environment to view in "Environment" - e.g.:

I can expand lists in that environment view to get a small preview of some of the data, but I haven't yet found the way to get that environment to surface into the console - or to enable View to work with those variables.

Is there an easy way to get this to work - or even is there a hard way - e.g. can I dig through layers of e.g. sys.parent: Functions to Access the Function Call Stack calls to get to this data?

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