Debug RShiny app on RStudio Pro

I am trying to debug a RShiny script running on RStudio Pro. I referred to and the options given here like placing a breaking point or using browser() isn't working on RStudio Pro. When I use the same tricks on RStudio desktop, it works like charm. I gave print statements in the script (running on RStudio Pro) and refreshed the GUI, but those prints are also not visible in the console or the log file.

I also tried using cat(file=stderr(), "drawing histogram with", input$bins, "bins", "\n") similar command which is supposed to print the value in the console. This isnt helping either.

My queries are:

  1. How do we debug an RShiny script running on RStudio pro.
  2. Suppose I want to check values of variables inside script on RStudio Pro, how can I do it ? (as 'print' statements aren't working).

I am new to using RStudio Server Pro version of the software. Any pointers regarding above queries will help.

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