Deadkey combo " ' + C " will result in "Ć" instead of "Ç" in RStudio. *All* other programs return "Ç" right

Hi everyone,

I have recently moved from MacOS to Pop! OS (an Ubuntu-based distro).

Keyboard is set up as US-INTL with Dead Keys. In all programs, the combo "acute+C" prints CEDILLA (Ç, ç), except for RStudio, which returns ACCUTE-C character (Ć, ć).

Even RStudio's Terminal returns ACCUTE-C instead of CEDILLA, while any terminal application installed in the OS gets it right.

I supposed this is GUI related.

This is driving me crazy as it really hurts when collaborating on RMD notebooks.



Do you see the same issue if you use RStudio Server from your browser?

I have Rstudio Server installed in another machine and the issue does not occur if I connect from this computer into it.

@kevinushey, just to be more clear, I haven't installed Rstudio Serve on the affected computer. Should this be the case?

Thanks for confirming. It sounds like this issue is unique to the desktop application. You might consider filing an issue at

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