dBwritetable to slow with Odbc Hadoop HIVE

I am using the DBI/ODBC package to connect to our Database (Hadoop-HIVE).
To send and write R Data.frame to a sandbox in the Hadoop / HIVE database, I am using dbWriteTable (), but it is very slow.

To send a file of 1.3Gbytes, the transfer time reaches 18 hours.

Our structure is as follows:
Server Linux - R / RStudio Server Pro -> Server Linux - Hadoop / Hive.

Do you have any advice on best practices or some other function to use?

Is it possible that I have an infrastructure problem between the two servers?

Maybe I have to switch from the Hive connection to the Impala connection in the dBwritetable process, for better performance to write to Hadoop?

Thank you!

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