dbplyr generating very long queries in console

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I've been working on getting up to speed with dbplyr to munge two large tables in Snowflake. It's like learning R all over again!

After a while the SQL queries generated by dbplyr begin to be many pages long, which makes it kinda hard to see what's going on in the console. Is there any way to prevent dbplyr echoing the queries to the console?


A bit of a workaround, but what happens if you use sink() to redirect the output to a file?
If you haven't used it before, this post is a nice intro to sink():

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Thanks. I'm using logr to capture the outputs of my script, and I also want to see what's happening in the console, I think sink() puts everything into a file so it's not that useful here. I guess it would be a long file too since those queries are multiple pages.

What gets printed is based on the dbplyr:::print.tbl_sql method.
You can override this in a session with


This will pop up a window in your session letting you change it.
For example remove everything in the braces {} and replace it all with

cat_line("just what i want")

then do a query and see what is output.

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I removed the entire cat_line but I am still getting screeds of query in the console.

can you provide a reprex?

I found the answer. I had to change the Trace level in the dbConnect. For some reason Trace = 1 didn't work, but Trace = 2 does.

snowflake <- DBI::dbConnect(odbc::odbc(), 
                            Driver = "SnowflakeDSIIDriver", 
                            Server = "url.azure.snowflakecomputing.com", 
                            UID = creds[1],
                            PWD = creds[2], 
                            Database = "BRONZE", # the name of the particular database head 
                            Warehouse = warehouse, # engine that does the work and costs money
                            Role = "ECONOMICS_READER",
                            # Role = "SYSADMIN",
                            # https://docs.snowflake.com/en/developer-guide/odbc/odbc-parameters
                            Trace = 2)
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