Datify - 2020 Shiny Contest Submission


Authors: Koen Neijenhuijs, Tos Sambos
Working with Shiny < 1 year

Abstract: Shiny app that enables you to make a comparison between multiple artists. The measures of comparison are given by valence, energy, tempo and loudness. This app is using the Spotify Web API via the spotifyr package.

Full Description: Curious about the sentiment of your favorite artists? And how do they compare to other artists? Are specific artists changing their musical style over time? And do they vary more in their musical creativity than others? Answers to these type of questions can be found in this app.

The input of the app is given on the left-hand side. You can enter (part of) the name of the artist, click on the ‘Search’ button and select the artist you want to include. To actual-ly include the artist, click on the ‘Add Artist’ button, wait for a moment, and finally all in-formation will appear. You can click your added artists to get re-directed to their Wikipe-dia page. Click the trash icon to remove an artist, or the “Clear all” button to remove all selected artists.

There are five tabs that provide different information about your selected artists. The first tab provides a summary of the artists you’ve selected. Here you get a quick overview of their reported genres, follower count, and popularity score. Furthermore, the median highest and lowest artists are shown for valence, energy, tempo and loudness.

On the second tab you can find a plot of valence by energy. This plot was inspired by a contest submission of last year: Sentify. Through the addition of centroids and plotting multiple artists, the plot has become a powerhouse of comparison.

The third tab provides a timeline for the selected artists for valence, energy, tempo, and loudness. Here you can see how each artist may have changed their musical style over the years. The fourth tab provides density plots of valence, energy, tempo, and loud-ness to provide a detailed comparison between artists.

The fifth and last tab provides a comparison of artists on variety of their music. We have defined variety as the number of musical keys (e.g. C Major, D Minor, etc) used on an album. Of course, albums that have more tracks have more opportunity of variety. To correct for this influence, we normalized the value by dividing the variety by the number of tracks on the record.

Category: Other
Keywords: Spotify, music, data exploration
Shiny app: https://kneijenhuijs.shinyapps.io/Datify/
Repo: Posit Cloud
RStudio Cloud: Posit Cloud


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