Date conversion gives NA

My date value is in this format
02:27:16 05-Mar-2019, Tue stored in Assigned date column

Am converting
srdetails1$Assigned On GMT<-as.POSIXct(srdetails1$Assigned On GMT, tz="", format = "%H:%M:%S %m/%d/%Y")
srdetails$Assigned On GMT

the value get converted as

Instead of showing a date and any function i use on this column for e.g day(ymd_hms() etc gives me "NA

How do i resolve this

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You're using the wrong format. Try the following:

as.POSIXct(x = "02:27:16 05-Mar-2019", format = "%H:%M:%S %d-%b-%Y")

Check the documentation of strptime for more details of the formats.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the response.. when i used the above format, it gives me NA as the result

That's surprising. It works for me, as illustrated below:

# what you did
as.POSIXct(x = "02:27:16 05-Mar-2019",
           tz = "",
           format = "%H:%M:%S %m/%d/%Y")
#> [1] NA
# the above expects date in this form: "02:27:16 03/05/2019"

# what I did
as.POSIXct(x = "02:27:16 05-Mar-2019",
           format = "%H:%M:%S %d-%b-%Y")
#> [1] "2019-03-05 02:27:16 UTC"
# this one expects date in this form: "02:27:16 05-Mar-2019"

Can you please provide a REPRoducible EXample of your problem of getting NA using my code?

In case you don't know how to make a reprex, here's a great link:

The above example works perfectly

Here is what am doing

Am choosing the data from excel, the date stored in excel in GMT is like 2/8/19 10:54 PM

but when i do this , it shows as numbers as below

head(srdetails$Assigned On GMT)
[1] "43504.954282407409" "43504.956446759257" "43504.943159722221" "43504.880810185183"
[5] "43504.846585648149" "43504.837731481479 ===> So the problem is here itslef?

typeof(srdetails$Assigned On GMT)
[1] "character"

srdetails$Assigned On GMT<-as.POSIXct(srdetails$Assigned On GMT, tz="", format = "%H:%M:%S %d-%b-%Y")

srdetails$`Assigned On GMT

output as all N/As

class(srdetails$Assigned On GMT) shows
[1] "POSIXct" "POSIXt

Your problem is with the way Excel represents date-time values, you could convert them this way.

df <- data.frame(stringsAsFactors = FALSE,
                 dates = c("43504.954282407409", "43504.956446759257",
                           "43504.943159722221", "43504.880810185183"))
as.POSIXct(as.numeric(df$dates)*86400, origin="1899-12-30",tz="GMT")
#> [1] "2019-02-08 22:54:10 GMT" "2019-02-08 22:57:17 GMT"
#> [3] "2019-02-08 22:38:09 GMT" "2019-02-08 21:08:22 GMT"

Also, you can specify the column class when reading the file with the col_types argument of read_xlsx()

That really helped, i used the col_types and it displays the dates properly.

When I used the POSIXct with the specific value it worked, but when the same value is in the excel and reading from excel was giving NA for me.

Thank you all

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