dataset sort out issue

i am totally new to R studio, when i import data from txt file, all data show in one column, please advise how i can handle to make data fall into separate columns. please help, thank you. Major

Show us who you imported the data. And paste (text, not picture) at least the first few lines of your data here. (It's probably a delimiter problem.)

read_csv wants comma separated files. Looks like there aren't any commas. Try read_delim.

yes, it works! thank you! but how it shows up in the box above the console?

Just click on the "data_2_2" in the upper right corner.

it still shows as before in above the box though i have click the files in the upper right conner, another data.2.2 shows no data available in the table

I think the problem is that in your second example you did not assign the read_delim to the data_2_2 variable.

data_2_2 <- read_delim(……)

What you see in the environment pane is the old version of the variable.

I hope this helps

Thank you, understand, i will keep go to gym and then back again.

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