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I have 4 datasets and for analysis, we need to merge them into one
How to do it ?

Also I have second dataset Q2,whose columns are not in sync as per the other dataset,How to rename it

Also if i am trying to rename ,it is shwoing errors

Q2 <- Q2 %>% rename(V1= trip_id, V2=start_time, V3=end_time, V4=bike_id, V5=trip_duration,V6=from_station_id, V7=from_station_name, V8=to_station_id, V9=to_station_name, V10=user_type, V11=gender, V12=birth_year)
Error in UseMethod("rename") :

no applicable method for 'rename' applied to an object of class "list"

You can learn about joining relational data here : 13 Relational data | R for Data Science (
Otherwise; we would need more info to advise you.

about your rename issue; its clear from the error that Q2 is a mere list, and not one that is a data.frame which is what rename is designed to operate on.

Here is a link to our reprex guide for if you want to provide examples of your start data.

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This book have a good examples.

Try to identify the common variables or id for merge this data set.

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