DataDog Integration with Rstudio

Has anyone integrated the APM tool Datadog with Rstudio ?

Our architect believes its not possible, but I would be interested to hear.

Thanks John

That's a very interesting question!! Do you mind explaining a bit more about what you are trying to accomplish? Why are you trying to trace RStudio's C++ code? Also, are you thinking mostly about the desktop IDE, RStudio Server (open source), or RStudio Server Pro?

Hi, We have RStudio Pro which our Data Scientists use, and we are looking at use cases for Data Dog, particularly around code performance. This just may be a proof of concept, but I think with Pro there isn't much we can do. I just wondered if anyone had tried anything in this area. Thanks John

Rstudio integrates profvis, if code performance analysis is your main concern, it shouldnt be overlooked

Yeah I think the key to keep in mind here is that there are two pieces of code present:

  • RStudio Server Pro's codebase, which does things like launch R sessions, respond to your clicks in the browser, etc. Some of this is written in C++, but this is just an implementation detail on our part
  • The code that you write or use inside of R, Python, etc.

Typically "code performance" is something that you care more about the latter. Even if it were possible to do code performance monitoring on the former, that would just be data you'd have to give us to improve the RStudio codebase (which, in the case of the Pro stack, is not open source).

As @nirgrahamuk articulated, profvis is a very good tool for code performance analysis. If you're looking for more monitoring / logging, you definitely could use DataDog or some other tool for performance monitoring. I'm not sure whether APM would be the right tool for injecting into your code (it may not make sense if your data scientists are not writing C++), but I suspect there are other options.

For RStudio Server Pro monitoring on the systems side, typically what you are looking for is more "overall service metrics and monitoring." That can be done with RStudio Server Pro, although it takes a bit more work to set up today than we would prefer long term :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the input!

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