Databricks and RStudio Version

I develop in Azure Databricks and appreciate their inclusion of the RStudio IDE, but the current native version is an older RStudio Server 1.2.X. That version is not compatible with R graphics engine version 14, which means the plot/graphics panel in RStudio is turned off/not usable. I can role back to an older runtime with R 3.X.X and RStudio Server 1.2.X and get it to work, but I need to use R version 4.X.X.

I've attempted to update RStudio manually on a Databricks cluster. It appears to install and allows me to open up an RStudio Server login window and authenticate, but it never actually connects, just times out eventually. Anyone having a similar issue, know how to successfully upgrade the version of RStudio on Databricks, or have a workaround? Thanks!

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Well, egg on my face. On September 24, 2021, Databricks released runtime 9.1 and the ML version includes an updated version of RStudio compatible with R graphics engine version 14. This is the first time plots in RStudio work on new Databricks' runtimes since that R graphics engine was released.

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