Data visualization and correct analysis for BUBBLE treatment

Hi everyone,

I am working at a major research institution in the US and couldn’t find a satisfying answer to my question about my research methodology. I want to compare certain type of treatment (hereinafter referred to as “BUBBLE”) with the risk of developing a rash. This treatment, BUBBLE, is used to treat depression in kiddos and is applied to the head. The individuals need to visit the clinic twice a week. However, based on their response, we can increase or decrease the frequency of their visits. In addition, their visits were disrupted due to the COVID pandemic in early 2020.

I have a list of 2 groups of patients: Patients who received BUBBLE and developed rash and patients who received BUBBLE but did not develop a rash.

I have the following information available:


  • Biological sex

  • Their index BUBBLE treatment date

  • List of dates for each of their visits for BUBBLE.

  • The dates when they first noticed rash

  • Concomitant medications right before they developed rash

-Depression scores here and there during their treatment course

-Comorbid medical conditions

-Comorbid psychiatric conditions

  • Photos of rash

We have several questions:

1- Does BUBBLE increase the risk of developing a rash?

2- Does the frequency or number of BUBBLE treatments increase the risk of rash?

3- Is there a subgroup of patients who are more likely to develop a rash with BUBBLE?

What would be a good methodology in this particular case?

This is a binary outcome as a response or dependent variable with treatment or dependent variables including categories and scores, which might be continuous or categorical—can’t tell. The first method that should be applied is logistic regression. I have a brief introduction using a coronary heart disease example. The site at the time of posting the site has an issue with its certificate, so you might need to visit the unsecured version

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