Data Visualisation in R

I have 3 datas supplier1$time, supplier2$time, supplier3$time. How do I put all of these 3 datas in one histogram?

Is not a valid symbol name in R due to the spaces. This can be addressed by replacing the spaces with underscores, or choosing an altogether different valid object name, finally it is possible to use backtick marks to quote the whole thing to be interpreted as 1

`bsm952 bfm114 midterm data 2022 23`

I tried with the underscores and it says not found

Is this what you meant by "I tried with the underscores"?

bsm952_bfm114_midterm_data_2022_23 <- read_excel("C:/Users/anike/Desktop/bsm952 bfm114 midterm data 2022-23.xlsx")

yes i have tried the same

Its not long so ,please share your exact code and the precise text of the error. This will avoid misunderstandings

I have copy pasted the code with error

Where ? As of this time your original post has not been reedited , i dont see underscores

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