Data View(): problem with truncation of vectors within lists

I have a large and deeply nested list containing meta-data on about 300 variables spread over 18 files. Most of the variables are labeled vectors in the haven sense. I am trying to write functions to identify various patterns that will, I hope, allow me to convert the variables automatically into something more R-like. But to do this involves a lot of backing and forthing between metadata fields -- different kinds of metadata for the same variable, the same kind of metadata for different variables, relationship between different levels within the data structure (e.g. person, family, household; income components; etc.).

Almost all of the metadata I need is nested three to six levels deep. When I try to look at the data with the View() command, the viewer truncates all the vectors of data descriptions after four or five elements. I could individually extract these vectors and look at them some other way, but I need to look at a lot of them and it sure would be nicer to just scroll through them. I'm not sure if the problem is with list display per se or if the bottom levels are being treated as really long strings rather than fields of a vector. I set Global Options -> Code -> Display -> Limit length of lines to to zero, but this had no effect. Is there any way I can eliminate this truncation?

Can you share a reproducible example, just so I can better understand exactly what you're seeing? A screenshot could be helpful, as well.

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