Data Type Error

I am analyzing data and i wrote a script which you can see in the image attached.
First time it gave error which i thought is because my first argument in muatate function which is
started_at is a character and i need to convert it into a date format with the help of as.Date and i did that and ran the script again. This time it gave me a new error and i do not know what is that error and how to fix it. I am just a beginner in R.

In future, would you mind kindly trying to convert this into a reprex? (FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example ( reprex ) for beginners). I suspect that process will help diagnose the issue.

One issue to resolve: you are calling group_by & summarize within the parentheses of your mutate call. And calling arrange within your summarize function call. You want to move these out into separate pipe function operations.

Closer to the following,

all_trips_v3 %>%
   mutate(WeekDay = ...) %>%
   ) %>%

Quote one of your date strings, please and may be able to help

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