Data type/classification not showing in environment window of r studio

I am new to r studio. I am running a tutorial on the data format. However, I see that when I import data into r studio, the classification of my data is not displayed in the global environment. but when I do so on my friend computer, the classification is shown.
For example, if I run n1 <- 15 in the console, the environment is displayed as

the data classification, type, etc are not shown. but running the same command on another computer I get the image below displaying the data classification

I suspect that the issue is with my setting. can someone guide me on how to properly set up the global environment so that it can display my data classification.

Thanks for your assistance

You display the 'grid' view. Just switch it to 'list' form.
See 4.1 The Global Environment .

EDIT: just the other way around of course.

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