Data scrapping an IMDB website

Hello I am trying data scrapping for the first time. I am using an IMDB website to scrape the data from. While scrapping a gross income field I am facing issues while replacing spaces to NA's. I used the following loop to put NA's to its respective entries:

for(i in c(12,47,54,64,67,75,85,95,97))
a = gross_data[1:(i-1)]
b = gross_data[i:length(gross_data)]
gross_data = append(a,list("NA"))
gross_data = append(gross_data,b)
But after running this loop I am getting NA's for every entry. Can you please help me with this? I am using the "rvest" package.

Also I was using this example from this site: Beginner’s Guide on Web Scraping in R (using rvest) with example

Thank you

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