Data Science & Machine Learning conferences worth attending in 2020?

Anything you guys could recommend (besides rconf :wink:)?

It will mostly depends on your interests.

If you have a specific area of research, like, let's say, population analysis and ecology, you'll have ISEC 2020 (International statistical Ecology Conference) at Sydney (Aus).
Which is one my fav conferences to attend. I am sure in other areas would be similar ones, economy, bio-informatics, psicology etc surely have their own statistical conferences.

Global conferences besides rconf or rstudio conf, are some kind of lacking to my knowledge. Data science and machine learning are broad enough to not being able to be concentrated in a conference. Not even if we focus in just one languaje, R in this case. Furthermore, a "generalistic" data science conference should include an array of topics that would make it less interesting, it is a too broad field .As conferences are mostly for practitioners, the topics broaden enough on these generalistic topics. That's why for general ones, the future is for smallish, less formal ones, at regional scales, IMHO, or even better, R meetup groups.

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