Data Science Co-working Space

First, I'm aware that this is off-topic, and I'd be happy if people can think of a more appropriate forum.

Having said that, my question is whether data science co-working spaces exist, especially in my hometown of NYC. I think my situation is not unusual: I'm a data science consultant who works either out of the offices of my clients (rarely), or out of my home (most often).

I'd be willing to share co-working space (think of a large WeWork office) with other similarly situated people, just to a) not be working alone most of the time; b) have others at hand to ask questions of and in general trade knowledge; and c) community building within the profession.

I go by the general principle that things I think of have been thought of before, so does such a thing already exist? If not, I'd be happy to correspond with others who like the idea.


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