Data Reshaping with Replication

Hi guys!

I am trying to calculate AUDPC for my dataset. I needed to reshape my data first using the code in the second picture but it is giving me an error as shown.

My data has 3 replications.

Can you help me, please?



Here is a sample of my data

It really is difficult to figure out what is going on from a screenshot. We really need some sample data.

A handy way to supply sample data is to use the dput() function. See ?dput. If you have a very large data set then something like head(dput(myfile), 100) will likely supply enough data for us to work with.

BTW if you do a str(dat) I expect all of your variables that start with a number such as 13-Jul will have been read in as X13-Jul. R is not happy with variable names that start with a numbur.

For further reference, you might find this helpful.

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