Data pull from Teradata periodically

I am working on a shiny app where the data has to be pulled from a Teradata. As of now, I am able to connect to Teradata and pull the data. I wanted to know on how I could do the data refresh once a week and not everytime the shiny app is running. So everytime the data is refreshed how could the shiny app republish ?

Thank you.

Usually you accomplish this by just scheduling a separate task. This can be as simple as a cron job or as complicated as Apache Airflow, or something in between like a scheduled Rmd in RStudio Connect.

However you schedule it, that task would download the data, do whatever preprocessing, cleaning, summarizing, etc. you're likely to need, then save that data somewhere (.csv or .rds file, or pushing it back into the same or a different database). This process is known as ETL.

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