Data Manipulation in R with dplyr course archived on DataCamp

I was using this course to teach my students dplyr. Does anyone know if the course will eventually be available again? If not, does anyone know of a good alternative?

I've looked at "Introduction to the Tidyverse" and "Working with Data in the Tidyverse." But, neither are really true alternatives for learning dplyr specifically.

My students are also reading chapters 4 & 5 in Modern Dive, and chapters 5 & 12 in R4DS. But, I'd like to add some video content and/or something that offers coding practice. Unfortunately, I don't have time to create something from scratch this week.

Thanks for suggestions!

From the man himself and part 2

I hope you are aware of the recent controversy surrounding Datacamp on workplace conduct issues. I know of at least one instructor who has asked that people not enroll in her pre-existing Datacamp course.

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