Data load speed in shiny module/dashboard

I was wondering if anyone has any insights regarding the best way to speed up the loading process for a shiny app created using the dashboard/module structure. Currently, the app pulls data using SQL queries. I'm sure there must be a way to reduce the 10+ seconds that it takes for the data to load and be displayed. Would appreciate any thoughts or ideas. Thanks.

I would recommend to profile your code first using profvis package, find the bottlenecks and then you can ask how to optimize those specific parts of your code.


@andresrcs I could be wrong, but it seems like the profivs command doesn't work with fetching data from an external data source using SQL queries in R? I keep getting the error "Error in parse_rprof(prof_output, expr_source): No parsing data available. Maybe your function was too fast?"

I have used profvis in that scenario with postgresql databases without any problem, could you give a little more context about your issue?