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I have two questions for which I need help.

  1. How to rename the names of dataframe inside the list as their original names? like df1,df2 etc insted of numbers? I wish to have a purrr solution
  2. I need to change the column names of all the dataframes uniformly to be c("m","n","o"). I mean to say, i need to change the names by passing a vector of column names. Again I like to know the purrr solution.

Here is the MWE

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For your first question, this should do what you want:

df_list <- set_names(x = df_list,
                     nm = ~ paste0("df_", seq_along(along.with = .x)))

For the 2nd question, you can do something like this:

col_names <- c("m", "n", "o")
df_list <- map(.x = df_list,
    .f = ~ set_names(x = .x,
                     nm = col_names))

Hope this helps.

Edit: Replying to post #3 by @nithinmkp

The following example changes names for 2nd and 4th columns.

col_indices <- c(2, 4)
col_names <- c("B", "D")

map(.x = df_list,
    .f = function(df)
        existing_names <- names(x = df)
        existing_names[col_indices] <- col_names
        set_names(x = df,
                  nm = existing_names)

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Absolutely.. Let me ask one more question in this regard. What if I want to change only 2nd and 4th column (Assuming 4 column data frame) with a named column vector and leave the first column name unchanged?

Thanks again for the previous solution

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