Data.frame error object ' * ' not found

Hello all, how are you? I'm currently finishing the Google course about Data Analysis and following the steps I'm facing this issue with data frames. Seems like I can't make it work. This is my piece of code

# Data frame

id <- c(1:10)

name <- c("John Mendes", "Rob Stewart", "Rachel Abrahamson", "Christy Hickman", "Johnson Harper", "Candace Miller", "Carlson Landy", "Pansy Jordan", "Darius Berry", "Claudia Garcia")

job_title <- c("Professional", "Programmer", "Management", "Clerical", "Developer", "Programmer", "Management", "Clerical", "Developer", "Programmer")

# Object

employee <- data_frame(id, name, job_title)

And this is the result


But without the id error looks like this

> employee <- data_frame(name, job_title)
Error in eval_tidy(xs[[j]], mask) : object 'name' not found

If you can give a clue with this issue it would be so great for me. Thanks you all!

Well, actually made it work by selecting each line of the script by it's own and done, fixed...

If you reach it till here thanks for reading, hope that helped to solve your issue as well


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